My name is Stan McQuay. I’m 36 years old, and I am a recovered drug addict and alcoholic from Los Angeles, California. Two years ago, I went to rehab at The Recovery Village (http://www.therecoveryvillage.com) and it completely changed my life. I had tried to get sober a couple of other times, but I had never been successful.

I have always had a problem with drinking and drugs. It started when I was a teenager. When I was in college, it seemed pretty normal to be trashed all of the time. That’s what people do in college right? But I kept having problems after problems. I got two DUIs in my twenties. And if that wasn’t enough, I picked up a serious cocaine habit in my late twenties, which started all sorts of other problems.

It was when I almost lost my wife that I finally decided to get serious and get help. My time at The Recovery Village completely changed my life. So I decided to start this blog to share my recovery story with the world.